Track crash Tuesday!

20140527-214105-78065293.jpgNot exactly how I expected to spend a Tuesday. It was my first time back to the track in quite a while. I was intending to just mooch around at my own speed, ease back in slowly. I pumped the tyres up (116psi) cleaned them, all set.

I was a wee bit late getting there, but I made if from work for the first time in ages. I was actually looking forward to it. I usually do a few easy laps before jumping onto the blue band, then onto the track proper. There was a couple of groups rotating the track, and several other individuals, busy because the corporate pursuits are taking place soon, so many non regular cyclists turn up for a few weeks just for that.

I was on the start finish straight, the flattest part of the track, when BANG, down I went with a crash, hip, elbow (thankfully wearing arm warmers – or should I say EX arm warmers). I laid on the floor, stunned, no idea whether I was still attached to the bike or not, thinking, am I ok? Did I break anything? No, I don’t think so. I looked up- the group were coming round again, signalling and shouting to indicate I was on the deck. Two cyclists stopped, and helped me up, asking was I ok. Yep I think so.

What happened? I sincerely have no idea. A coach looked at the bike, and thought the tyres were far too smooth, asked had I ridden them before. Yes, I hadn’t changed anything from the last time I rode this bike. They took me to sit down, and got some fine grade sand paper. I rotated the tyres, he sanded them, for a good few minutes.

I knew that if I didn’t get back on right now, I would develop a fear of this wooden banking, so on I got.

I rode round on the grey for a while, all was ok. I added speed, I know that speed and constant pressure is essential. Up into the blue band, all is still ok. I let the group pass, then added more speed, allowing the bike to creep up onto the black line on e wooden track. All was still ok. I rode round at this speed for several laps when I came upon a slow rider. I would have to pass. A test of the nerves, and the tyres. I chose to pass straight after the curve, and got round before the end of the straight. All was still ok.

Then I came upon two slower riders. I would need to pass, and the straight wouldn’t be long enough. I rode round behind them for a couple of laps while plucking up the courage and deciding the timing, I started the pass coming out of the bend, giving myself natural momentum, I was half way past at the next bend. High up above the blue line I rode round,pilling on the speed, coming back down half way round the next straight. All was still well, thank The Lord.

After a couple more laps, I cut my losses and stopped. The hip is hurting lots.

Pass me the coffee…!

One Comment on “Track crash Tuesday!

  1. Trikes are safer! Hope you are feeling better soon. PS Volvo is gone! I’ll skype you Friday morning my time. love, Dad and Judy

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