Flapping shorts and swim lane races

20140524-225353-82433518.jpg It does entertain me when I go swimming. At the moment I just swim up and down – steady distance for as long as I can before having to rush out to work.

I usually stand at the end of the pool and survey the situation to decide which lane I should join based on rough pace of the swimmers that are there. On this occasion there was three people in every lane except the fast lane. I knew when I stepped closer that I would be fine because the swimmer in this lane had flapping green shorts.

Of I set, safe in the knowledge I wouldn’t be getting in anyone’s way. I can’t help but notice adjacent lanes, what the swimmers are doing and so on, and today was particularly choppy due to the adjacent lanes swimmers all doing butterfly.

On the other side in the medium lane, the guy seemed to be waiting for me to turn at the end, then setting off at the same time. He had loose form and long shorts too, so I wasn’t going to let him get in front even for a moment.

Then into my lane came tanga briefs Man. Only he didn’t seem to want to use his legs and they just kinda floated along behind him. He walked in to get here so it wasn’t that. So I wasn’t going to allow him to bother me.

When I got out I was feeling invigorated yet tired. Nothing like using the surroundings to motivate us, eh?

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