Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!


Whether it’s the rowing machine, treadmill or indoor bike, the statement is still the same: stationary isn’t the same as the real thing.

I was always aware of the fact that running indoors wasn’t the same, you use different muscles. On a treadmill the path comes towards you so you don’t need propulsion to the same degree. Well, I can confirm that rowing is the same.

It’s the first time I have done a sport for real, then tried the indoor version in that order and it has been very interesting.

After I corrected my error, (assuming that you use legs and arms all at once) I thought no more of the indoor trainer, until these last few weeks when it’s been too dark to row outdoors. My my, does an indoor rower hurt, and not in the same way at all. There is a lot more stress on the shoulders, and no matter how hard you try, leg drive simply isn’t the same as being in a real boat on the river. In addition, being on the river means you need to exercise good concentration and have a strong core, in order to keep balance.

I am not saying for a second that we should shut down all the gyms, however up just be aware it isn’t the same. So, if you thought that you could do the same sport outdoors that might not actually be the case. Use the gym for what’s its good for: nailing technique without having to think of the other stuff, traffic on the roads, falling in the river – and so on. Don’t let it replace being in the great outdoors though.

One Comment on “Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!

  1. I completely agree that working out inside is much different than outside. Personally, being outside provides you scenery and obviously a more natural workout. With gyms, you need to make sure equipment is good, effective, and safe, and even with these factors, it doesn’t resemble the same thing. Thanks for sharing your post!

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