Book review: The Untethered soul by Michael Singer


My next book in the local e-library (cool idea!) is ‘The untethered soul’ by Michael Singer.

Although it is in many ways on the same lines as ‘The power of now’ it isn’t written quite as well. In general it is a self help book which has a spiritual approach, with yoga as the vehicle for solving issues and problems.

Singer speaks of the ‘voice inside your head’ and says that

to attain inner freedom you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them

Which in itself is true, much like Tolle says, and the time line therapy approach adopts. But then Singer goes on to elaborate on his ‘outer body observation’ description as though you are meeting a room mate. This immediately suggests that you are more than one part. NLP and Time Line Therapy (TM) believes that we are one entity, we live in the now, and we are able to observe and learn from our experiences rather than immerse ourselves in the past, or the future in an emotive way.

I think his fundamental belief is similar, but I have difficulty with the language and descriptions that he uses.

you sit down to watch the TV. The trouble is you have this person with you.

As Tolle says, there are not two of me, there is only one, so I disagree with this.

Singer says we solve this issue like this:

‘Yoga is a what you do with your time in order to free yourself from yourself’

This quote suggests that I don’t like myself. In actual fact I do. NLP is non judgemental, I think I will stick with NLP.

That was chapters 1 and 2. I have not decided if I will continue reading.

One Comment on “Book review: The Untethered soul by Michael Singer

  1. Singer’s use of language is very unclear, so it is difficult to know what he means. Freeing yourself from yourself does suggest a separate entity. But then maybe he’s suggesting something on a deeper level. I don’t know.
    Yoga is about connecting with the ‘now moment’ and if there is discomfort within a posture then the focus is on connecting with the body’s energy as a whole and letting go through the posture as a vehicle. As Tolle says, and in my opinion too, there is only one entity, one energy, not two.

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