Book review: Touching Heaven, by Leanne Hadley

20140511-214131.jpg At first this sounded like it might be a sad book full of stories of children who died before their time. In fact it is written in a way that makes it comforting and inspirational.

Leanne was a hospital chaplain as a student minister. She summarises the stories of 12 children that she met, that touched her heart, and that died of their life threatening terminal illnesses.

Not of the children complain, none are pitiful, all are incredibly brave and philosophical about their death, incredibly selfless.

Their stories are written with empathy, compassion, sadness, hope, peacefulness. All the children talk about having their guardian angel guide them to heaven. Their experiences are almost like someone beyond our earth is helping and preparing them for what is to come. When their time comes it is always peaceful and without pain.

This is a wonderfully written book which ends with a chapter about Leanne Hadley’s experience of nursing her critically ill mother from first diagnosis till her death, for a rare neurological disease. She takes comfort from the experiences of the children as she describes this ver spy sad time in her own life, and speaks of hope for life beyond this earth.

This book is not write from a religious stance, which it could be since it is written by a minister. It is a very compassionate touching collection of stories. If you have or are expecting to experience the loss of a loved one, this book with reassure, comfort and give hope.

Wonderfully written.

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