Crook, and not the shepherd type


I’ve been rather ill recently. I don’t do ill. This means I have done ill, all wrong, and paid the price.

An important thing about illness is it slowed you down. On purpose. Oops.

I have had / still have a horrendous stomach bug, well that’s what I think it is because no one can tell me, deposits morphine, blood tests and ECG’s. It knocked me for 6 during the Easter break.

The reason perhaps for dashing out as soon as I felt able. I was going stir crazy.

The other thing about illness is you simply just can’t resume your diet as was, the stomach takes time to recover.

Yep, relapse. I’m back inside the pain again because I didn’t exercise common sense.


  • When you feel better, wait a bit longer and then some. Don’t launch back in 100% straight away.
  • Gluten / dairy are both worth avoiding with an upset stomach.
  • Lemon green tea – great stomach settler.
  • Rest is recovery. So WAIT till you have felt better for a day or so before you go back at it.

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