Living in the NOW: guided meditation podcast

power-of-now-620x350I am still reading the Tolle book I mentioned last week, ‘The Power of Now’ and it have in fact purchased it now too, on my kindle. Tolle says that our minds are constantly making ‘incessant noise’ which is preventing us from finding our realm of inner stillness. Thinking is something that he calls a ‘disease that happens when things get out of balance’.

This is the second blog in a series exploring the ‘power of now’ and will include NLP techniques and podcasts to help get you started on your journey.

With this ‘Thinking is a disease’ viewpoint in mind, the following famous quote is at odds with this belief of the need to be as one, wholeness:

I think, therefore I am

This quote again suggests two. As does the following statement

I cannot live with myself any longer

There is only one of us. If we gain wholeness and mental stillness, then we manage to integrate the parts again, and be come free, still and at peace. In NLP terms, again this is very complimentary as it would be called ‘parts integration’ and means exactly the same thing.

Let’s get to work. We need to first create stillness in our minds, then learn how to ‘witness the thinking of our unconscious mind, rather than ‘becoming’ it.

Here is a guided meditation track to help get you started, helping you create stillness, and be in the now, this very moment, completely focused.

It is also available on our Soundcloud account and if you download ‘Soundcloud downloader’ you can also download the track to your iPhone/ iPad.

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