Another indoor Erg – Ack!


I seriously thought today’s weather was good enough for actual rowing, was looking forwards after my sickness, to getting outside. When I arrived at the rowing club, they were all sitting round the table, procrastinating, so I knew this wasn’t going to go as planned!

Eventually it was decided, due to the fast flowing incoming tide and winds, that indoor was better. So, aroung 9 of us all got ergs out, and off we set. Although this time I knew what to expect. 

I am a numbers person, when circumstances allow So, a screen of stats in front of me was perfect. I had no idea the other week, what they all meant but this time I had a bench mark based on my memory of how that had gone.

Using statistics for personal benefit

Last time I rowed on the machine I lost the focus of using shoulders and legs and returned to old bad habits, focus number 1. My average pace last time had been 2:28 / 500m. Not too flash I knew, but it had been my first time on the machine for 30 minutes non stop.

So this time I was on a mission. Plus, I had two men in front of me so I could see their stats also. 

I knew that I had completed 5500m ish in 25 minutes. This was going to be better. Focus from the start, I knew what stats I was aiming for, and I tried my best to keep it constant. When my shoulders started to tire, I thought and focussed on lats, think and you will do, as they say. That gave the front of my shoulders a break for a short while while also helping me keep the pace up. 

The pace, which pleased me, was pretty constant. I paced it well for something I have little experience in. 

Here they are, taken in 5 minute segments

  • 2:14 / 500m
  • 2:16 / 500m
  • 2:15 / 500m
  • 2:14 / 500m
  • 2:12 / 500m
  • 2:08 / 500m

20140426-112959.jpgIn total, I was roughly 5 minutes ahead of myself based on my last effort, and completed 6752m in 30 minutes. Average of 2:13 overall / 500m. 

Can’t complain, that’s a good improvement. 

Then this was the scene, when we had finished. Typical!!


The only person you have to beat is yourself. The only person you can affect is yourself. If you manage that then that’s all you can ask of yourself. 

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