Amazing Stephen Sutton – terminally ill and inspiring the world

Stephen SuttonSometimes, totally amazing people pop up into your life, people that are not trying to be amazing, people that are just doing what they do. This happened to me this week, on my Facebook feed when Stephen’s story was reposted onto my timeline. 

Along with this picture was the following message:

It’s a shame the end has come so suddenly- there’s so many people I haven’t got round to properly thank or say goodbye too. Apologies for that.

There was also so many exciting projects and things I didn’t get to see out. Hopefully some will continue and if you want to carry on the fundraising please do (
is the link to donate to).

All future updates on this page will probably be from a family member. I hopefully may have the energy to write a few tweets (@_StephensStory). I will continue fighting for as long as I can, and whatever happens next I want you all to know I am currently in a good place mentally and at ease with the situation.

That’s it from me. But life has been good. Very good.

Thank you to my mum and the rest of my family for everything. Thank you to my friends for being amazing. Thank you to my medical team for the hard work and effort they’ve continually they’ve put towards me. And thank you everyone else for sharing this wonderful journey with me.

This “final thumbs-up” in an emotional message to his followers on Facebook sparked an online response that has helped to raise more than £1m for charity.

Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with colorectal cancer four years ago. Last year he was told it was inoperable, prompting him to write a ‘bucket list’ of 46 things he wanted to achieve – including raising £1m for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

It’s times like these when it makes you realise how much time you actually do waste in your life, how much you DO want to achieve, and how precious the time is that you have left.

No one knows how long they have, it may be decades, years, hours or only minutes.

Make every minute count, stop procrastinating, get out there and do what youb have always intended to do.

Stephen’s most poignant comment in my opinion was

I’m not afraid of dying, I am afraid of not cramming as much into my life as I should have.


Well said.

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