Earth day: my NASA #GlobalSelfie

A reject selfie!
A reject selfie!

As mentioned yesterday, I decided it would be cool to take part in this. I printed my piece of paper and set about thinking what local landmarks I could use to go and take my selfie. I also wanted my original British Heritage to be visible too, so chose my British triathlon GB track suit top too.

The first image that comes up if you google Invercargill is the water tower so I decided to use that.

A major landmark in Invercargill, the Water Tower was built in 1889. Combining utility with adornment, it was built to support the city’s first high-pressure water supply tank, needed because the area is incredibly flat.

The problem is, it’s right by a main road and next to some traffic lights, so passing motorists don’t just look they can also stop right in front of you and look!

It’s also a landmark, so many tourists stop to take photos and a lot of them wanted to help me take mine!

I found it quite tricky to actually get the tower in, hold the paper so it could be seen, smile and take the photo all at the same time so it took several attempts!

I decided to try one other one, as the Feldwick Gates are also nearby. So I walked round there too. And encountered even more tourists.

Feldwick Gate: the elegant entrance to Queen’s was constructed by the City of Invercargill in 1924 in memory of John Feldwick (1846 – 1913), a prominent citizen and benefactor who bequeathed a considerable sum of money to develop the park.

I struggled to get the gates in so had to stand in the middle of the road. I wanted to get the path into the park in too so had to kneel down. It took several more attempts and angles to get the picture I wanted. Meanwhile many people came by. The first was an American.

‘Can I take that for you?’

I had to explain that it was a selfie for Nasa’s Earth Day event so no I had to take it.

Just after I got the shot I wanted, a guy appeared from behind through the park gates. He introduced himself as Malcolm and asked could he take the picture. I explained once again. He said he had lived in Wimbledon for two years, his sister was called Mel also, he loved soccer, what team did I support. We chatted , he shook my hand and went on his way.

So, here are my two final selfies. I prefer the water tower one but they’re both cool. Show me yours?

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