Blog branding, growth and traffic: what the stats tell us

I have decided to take part in WordPress Blogging201 – which focusses on helping bloggers to develop branding and growth. There’s always something to learn, right?

First off, the challenge was to tidy up layout and colour scheme. So, I changed the side bar contents and made them more visual, picture click through’s and so on. Then I changed the site colours to make the blue in my header photo, and the blues in the about me part of my web site.

Today’s task is to look at blog statistics and analyse what they tell you about your readership. 

I have had a look at my stats. I am currently in my second year of the postaday challenge. Therefore the stats are pretty equal and even. I am also in the second year of having a blog schedule.

  • Motivational Monday
  • Topical Tuesday
  • Training tips Wednesday
  • Mystery Thursday
  • Healthy eating Friday
  • Whatever weekend

Tuesday has the most hits, followed by Sunday and Monday.

The top hits for blog pages are nutritiontopical and personal. I haven’t blogged with video much but the one time I did is in the top 5 hits.

Clearly my readers like reading about me, and the video is a hit. The schedule was something I set up to help me with my first year of postaday.

Looks like I should do video more, but should I change the blog schedule also? As readers your thoughts would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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