Indoor rowing, rowing club style! :-0

imageRowing machine, something we all see in the gym, we have probably all used, but have you used one in a rowing club? That’s quite a different experience. 

I have avoided the whole indoor ‘erg’ idea for a while now, but today was far too choppy so we had no choice. Well, I did, I could have gone home, but I thought I would give it a go.

I only ever rowed for 5 mins as a warm up in the gym. They planned 40mins + on the machines! wow. It’s been. While since I rowed on a machine, so the numbers meant nothing to me at all. I was now executing it completely differently too, legs, arms, arms, legs, rather than bending everything all at once like I did when I first started.

I found the idea of 30 mins of machine rowing nothing less than incredibly dull. It seemed harder than in a boat, to be honest. There were two men with me doing it too, I had no idea what my strength was like by comparison to them, both seasoned rowers.

I decided to just mooch along at my own pace and disregard what they were all saying. I had to focus on making sure the old rowing machine habits didn’t return, make sure the legs and the shoulders took the load, bend arms last, and so on.

At the end of the 30 minutes, (they called a warm up) there were intervals. Now this is what we’re talking about! 2 mins on, 2 mins off. The first one, pace of 1:51.7. Pretty impressed, I managed to beat one of the two blokes with me! The second, 1:50.3, but gosh I was spent! High intensity is where it’s at, in my opinion, I enjoyed the last ten minutes more than the rest!

Perhaps there is something to be said for using the ‘erg’ (rowing machine to an English person!

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