Spring…. Into action?


I feel a bit sad. Springtime in England, triathletes are preparing for a new season, it will be my second season into retirement. How life has changed.

But, what’s the point on looking back, forwards is the only way.

fortune favours the bold

Sometimes we need to stick our neck out to get what we want, and let’s face it, I spent most of my last 18 months doing that, in the move to New Zealand and reconstructing a completely new life. Now I am faced with a new set of opportunities, some much more challenging than others.

It’s been a year since I arrived, my last triathlon was October 2012 and my first regatta in November of the following year followed by track cycling races a few months later,

A new set of opportunities, a new horizon, new things to learn. Here we are going into wintertime, and I am beginning to attempt to emerge from under the paperwork that is another new job to learn, two within a year.

Gym strength work is on my programme again, swimming is my new running. Open water will always be my love though. I need to find where the locals swim in time for spring later this year. I haven’t managed it as yet, crazy considering all this water that surrounds me!

I am beginning to get the distance back into my arms (and legs) and hope that I can keep the moments going, with the days getting shorter.

So, while Northern Europe spring into spring, I am a little out of sync, springing into autumn. 🙂

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