Mellow yellow: how I relax!


The daily post question today is how do you relax, after a hard day at work.

Hmmm I’m not sure. Let me explore that.


When I was able to run, running was my release. I would just pull the shoes on and run off down the road, not caring about the distance or speed. It would be a great mind emptier. I haven’t found an alternative since I was told I wasn’t able to run any more. (I need a knee replacement so I am preserving my time left with the current joint!)


Cycling just isn’t the same, and I haven’t yet found a satisfactory balance between work and everything else, as I am still battling a tough new job.


I have my kindle, which I will read from time to time, as a means of relaxation. I have three different books on the go at the moment, a history, a fiction and a quotes book.


Although I do not always have time (or energy at 6am!) I enjoy swimming, I no longer do drills and sets as such like I did when I was competing at top level, I swim up and down, for as long as I have time, usually around 40-50 minutes – steady distance. I’m looking to increase and build that distance, maybe it should timetable myself in for more times a week. It’s very therapeutic just swimming, and not having to think.


I actually enjoy writing, sometimes it’s a challenge to find something to write about every day but I enjoy spending a wee bit of time on the blog each evening.

Social networks

Early mornings, over breakfast I like to get up slightly earlier and spend time on social networks, it’s the best time to keep contact with friends back in the UK, as the time difference here in New Zealand is +11 hours. It’s harder for me to be around at the right time to talk to friends and family back home during our winter, so early mornings are usually taken up with that, whereas in the past I would be out on some type of fitness drive!

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