Club champs: Invercargill Rowing club


I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but I knew there were trophies at stake, and the works!

There was a very scientific way of selecting the teams: write your name on a card and stick it in the bucket: random draw!

There were only two classes: the 8’s and the quads. Quite a lot of people turned up, and the juniors and the seniors were complaining that they had to share the boat with masters rowers. Hang on, it was us that should have been complaining – oh my gosh it was fast!

The 8s draw was me and one other masters rower and 6 kids – Junior/ senior mix. OMG that boat was fast! It was all I could do to hang onto that oar and not catch a crab! the speed of the boat and the pace of the stroke was like nothing I have ever experienced before, goddamit they’re good!

There were four 8’s crews, two races of two. We came second in our heat, so didn’t make it through to the final. (Thank god!)

The quads draw looked like it might be similar evil, two kids and one very good master, plus me. There were two races of four boats, and the top two went through. The races were only 500m (thank The Lord!) and by the end I couldn’t speak! I felt a wee bit better with two sculls, but still, man they’re fast! We came second this time, so had to do it all again (!!!)

The final, in the quad and at least I knew what to expect this time, speed, speed speed! Second again. Oh well. All in the name of fun!

I learned a few things by sitting behind the darned good younger folk: at times my stroke is long, and I have to shorten it to match the masters I row with, but good grief these kids really do reach forwards, way more than I do! They make my stroke look short! They are drilled to perfection, the masters got moaned at by the cox for not turning the blades at exactly the same time, and for skimming rather than clearing the water! Oops, sorry miss!

I think we should do that more often, although it would be painful I would learn loads!

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