Singles number 4!

20140323-215932.jpgOff I went on the river, single sculls, and I still dread it! I was told a vital and most important training tip today though:

Focus on one thing only, each time.

Today I decided trying to go in a straight line would be a good start! I find it really frustrating. It’s just like learning to ride a bike, you can’t leap on and sprint off into the sunset on your first attempt. It doesn’t stop me wanting to though!

Shoulders, they are the key for a rower. Where the power comes from. This is the thing I need to keep reminding myself of, as you can get into all sorts of habits when you’re stressed.

Like in swimming, the power comes from the shoulder’s larger muscle groups, and engaging these ensure maximum speed and power.

It’s all well and good saying that when you feel like you have a million other things to worry about too!

I discovered that I need to focus on the shoulders for steering too. Imagine and focus on something, and you will do it. I was too busy thinking about wrists, arms, feet, leg push, the works. When I simply thought about shoulder power, I found my directional control improved greatly.

I also don’t need my broken toe, in order to row! not like cycling!

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