Row, tea and scones on Sunday morning!


Relaxing in the garden after a big mornings row! we had a meeting after the session so plenty of masters turned up. Three quads to be precise.

The water was nice and flat, tide going out, so up stream we went. In fact, we went way past the usual turn to the furthest point I have ever been on the river, well, equal furthest, the second bridge turn is a good 45 min row up river.

I think I am mastering my gammy limp wrist – the error which was uncovered when I sat in a single and went round right hand corners all the time! It takes some concentration, but it’s nice to be able to sit in a quad and focus on stuff without the fear of falling out!

We had a conversation after training about the South Island masters, and the world masters. Do I want to go, I was asked!

Ack. I will have to have a think about that, this is all unexpected, let me tell you! I wasn’t expecting rowing to go quite this well!

One Comment on “Row, tea and scones on Sunday morning!

  1. Lol you need to go on international world masters website chic, Clearly states anyone can attend  world masters competition, no selection or signifigant skill. You represent youself for self achievement. No Country. Sometimes club. The talk is done on the water. Go for it.

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