Long bike Saturday!


I have taken some persuading these last few weeks to get out and do this long ride, but OH wasn’t letting the drissle get past as an excuse and told me to get out there!!

Living in the flatlands, the roads local to me all look like this, flat, wide, empty and flanking farmland!! It means you can focus on technique without having to worry about other stuff, like traffic!!

The trouble with the long bike is you never know what the road surfaces will be and I haven’t found a map that will tell me, so IĀ have built up the route from small scale by adding a bit on each time, and using google earth to try and tell if there is tarseal on it. It has worked well so far, and I haven’t encountered any surprise gravel tracks yet!

Today’s route worked out nicely actually, only took 10 mins more than I thought, wasn’t cold (although I was wet!!) and no traffic, perfect. I felt strong, and could have carried right on, great news. I just need to get road miles back into my legs.

I have been intending to ride to Riverton, the next coastal town along, but the road is dull,(and quite busy with traffic) so I need a nice day for that!! Perhaps next week.


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