Body builder told she’s ‘fat’


This story, reported today in the metro, a London based free newspaper, doesn’t surprise me at all.

A superfit bodybuilder was branded overweight and put on a strict diet by an NHS nurse simply based on her BMI.

Anita Albrecht said she was told during a routine appointment she was ‘eating too much’ and needed to lose weight.

The 39-year-old, who works as a personal trainer, said her body mass index came out at 29 – four points over the healthy range and one short of obese.

But Ms Albrecht, who competes against some of the world’s leading bodybuilders, said the measure was distorted by her muscle-bound physique.

She said: ‘She insulted me by making assumptions about my lifestyle.

‘The information the nurse has given me is actually dangerous. A 1,000 calorie-a-day diet is only for people who are severely obese who are not active.


This doesn’t surprise me. I have experienced this, to some degree too. As an athlete I was, weight wise, close to the overweight category if you were judging it on the BMP calculator, but the thing is, it was muscle.

The chart is silly. It has no guide based on real life and is completely stats based. It’s nonsense.

A ‘diet’ can be dangerous, as Anita says. I can also speak from experience. While on a highly popular low calorie nationally recognised diet, my thyroid went into pre failure, when I restored dietary fat, it returned to normal.

There are many ways to judge health, and the BMI calculator is a misguided one.

One Comment on “Body builder told she’s ‘fat’

  1. IMO, the big problem is government and health industries trying to force everyone into a one size fits all chart. This all started years ago with insurance companies trying to “chart” everyone’s health for premium ratings. It’s grown into government and pretty much everyone is now judged by their BMI. Doctors are even required in the US to list every patients BMI on their chart at every visit. Crap medicine if you ask me.

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