Singles rowing continues!

20140226-220505.jpgAck! Well, I have managed to keep my 100% record! I still haven’t fallen in!

I have to say that I feel a wee bit less likely to get wet after today’s session than I have up till now. I actually didn’t take quite as long to uncoil myself and stop gripping the sculls for dear life! The coach came out in the coaching boat, and laughed about videoing me, I actually wish he would, being a visual learner.

I I I have my cock eyed wrist well on the way to being sorted, still work to do, but I seem to develop all sorts of bad habits that I need to have words with myself about when I climb in a single! Use the shoulders, wait bending the arms they won’t create the power, square blades, don’t dip the hands at the back of the stroke…. Bla bla bla!

I KNOW my stroke is shorter at the front and the back than it should be but heck, I think I am doing ok, for only my third time! I almost managed a rough straight line once I was on the return leg, and focussing on doing it right!

I get easily frustrated, I want to be right from the beginning. I know that isn’t possible, and I know my strength will come into play, once I have the all important technique mastered, well, at least a little!

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