Beautiful morning row, practice, practice practice!


I was hoping for a singles outing today, the water was perfect. Sadly, numbers prevented it, I was needed in a quad.

We started slow strokes, which is actually harder I think.
You really have to get the technique right to keep the boat balanced. I was in number 3 seat. Up river against the tide, we rowed steadily for a good while, turning a wee way short of the maximum normal reach in an hour session, just after Waikiwi stream. There is a wee bit more in the river, up to the second bridge, before it starts to get narrow. It’s rare we go that far.

On the way back we practiced some quicker strokes, the focus being to get the last part of the stroke, the final arm pull, nice and fast, and all in sync. The ‘puddles’ left by the sculls need to stay in the water well past the end of the boat (apparently!).

Hard work, but I was really focussing on my wonky right arm, something uncovered when I went out in the single. I bend the right arm sooner, giving me less pull, and in a single, making me do constant right turns!

We managed it quite well, so the coach, in no 1 seat, pushed the stroke rate up to 28-30rpm in the latter stages, where we were doing short focused bursts.

A good session, and as always, constantly learning.

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