As near to a duathon as I’ll ever get!


It was a beautiful day today, so it would have been rude to not go for a ride. having spent the morning doing family stuff, time was limited, and we planned to go tramping after I got back.  I did my usual short route, as a personal TT. Was a bit windy but traffic wasn’t an issue…. It never is lol. Here’s the road in two different places during my ride!

Tough head wind on the last stretch, resulting in a new PB by 1 minute, but I had to sit down at the garden gate to recover! (Hence the bike photo!)

when I got in, quick change then off tramping we planned a short walk in a local reserve that we haven’t been to, Forest hill.

It claimed to be a 1hour return track, so off we went. The whole outward path was uphill, relentless sneaky incline, that went on and on.

Signs are quite accurate usually, and the sign at the start of the path told a different story to the one online. It seemed way longer, and we had limited daylight. We set off anyway.

40 minutes up the road and we were still on an uphill path in the bush. No sign of a summit but glimpses of a stunning view. For fear of running out of light, we turned back. It will have to wait for another day. For me,I would prefer to climb all day. Downhill walking is a lot more painful.

Still decent session of bike-tramp. Almost a brick! Hahahaha

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