Masters and Juniors regatta 2014

Beautiful day for a regatta!This is a regatta run by Rowing Southland, but our club hosts it. Masters and juniors means the girls in the senior category (over 18 to age 27 I think) are excluded from this. The junior section of our club has been going really good and they collected some excellent results at The South Island Secondary Schools regatta last week (3 Gold, one silver, one bronze).

The 2014 Masters Juniors Programme was published a few days beforehand. This is always subject to more change, of course!!

I was scheduled for the mixed Quad, (completely different crew to normal) women’s double (different partner to Dunedin, but Christine is one of the coaches so I wasn’t at all worried!) women’s four (possible dream team, three of the four gold medal winning team are here plus a flipping brilliant number four rower).

The 8’s race at the end was drawn from names that entered on the day, so mixed teams. On top of that, the Waihopai juniors (the club right next door) and our juniors decided to put 8’s crews out too. Guess they will be first and second then!

So, how did it go? well to start with it was band bang bang, race after race without much gap. I don’t mind that, its better than all the sitting around I had to do later.

There was some speculation as to whether I would race the single. I decided that although I am game for most things, I have actually only been out in the boat once, so I think the next Regatta in April would be a better place to start, plus there was not a novice single category, so I would probably hold up proceedings while they are all out ans sipping tea, it would take me that long! so, yes, I decided NOT to do that one today!

M&J mixed quad
Mixed quad crew, I’m in no 2 seat (numbered from right to left)

The mixed quad was a mixed bag. We drew the older heavier boat too, which was never going to be a race winner. Don’t know the position, but we did our best, and it is all race experience!

The women’s double was an interesting race. We kinda faffed about and held up the start (oops!) Our number one crew was expected to (and did) win. The rest of the placings, who knows. We made good ground, after a slow start compared to everyone else. the boats in number 1 and number 2 seemed to have navigation issues and came very close to the bank at times, I could hear the course boat talking to them. I couldn’t afford a glance around, I needed to concentrate. second place could have gone one of three ways. The two boats in lanes 1 and 2 were neck and neck with us (in lane 5) so we will have to wait for the official results to appear to find out what happened!!

Next up was the four. We actually collected a gold in this race in the Masters Games, so in theory, we should do well. This involves re-rigging the quads boats to take sweep oars instead of sculls.


I was in the bough seat, (no 1, the first seat in the direction of travel) not my usual position, but that’s ok, its all learning. The race went really well indeed!! We drew out a small lead in the initial stages, which we were able to extend in the last 500m, helped by poor navigation and lane switching from the other crew!

Click on the photos and the gallery will become a slide show and the pictures a little larger. 

How did we do in the 8’s? Well no surprise, our junior girls won, but much surprise, the 8 that I was in came in second and beat the waihopai girls 8, and the other masters 8!

All in all, but great day, and another race regatta experience under my belt. Maybe singles next time….

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