Children’s diet still too high in salt


Children in the UK are eating far too much salt, with much of it coming from breads and cereals, research suggests.

Children should eat less than a teaspoon of salt a day, but 70% of the 340 children in the study published in Hypertension ate more than this.

Breads and cereals accounted for more than one-third of the salt in children’s diets. A fifth came from meat and one-tenth from dairy products.

Salt is commonly associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but the idea that this may be developing in young children is frightening.

average salt consumption remains high at around 8.1g per day, so there is still a long way to go to meet the 6g per day population intake goal.

This is a quote from a headline story on the BBC today. Have a look at your food content. Salt is hidden in all sorts of food, in luxing the well known things, sweet things, and even savoury.

Salt is often disguising chemicals and other man made flavours, is more prevalent in convenience foods ready made sauces and many deserts. A sign that says ‘low fat’ will usually mean high in salt and sugar. Don’t be fooled by the packaging and sales hype, check your labels more carefully.

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