First go at a single sculls and I didn’t fall in!

a boat similar to the one I went out in

The start of autumn is probably not the best time to go out for your first time in a wibbly wobbly seriously unstable single sculls boat, but it is something I have always wanted to try, so I thought lets go, when I was offered the chance today. 

Nothing like the double or quad, that’s all I can say. ANY slight lean, move, wiggle of a butt cheek and you feel like your heading for the drink! I felt terrified!! Dave, the masters coach went out in the coaching boat, just in case I needed to be hauled from the river, and to coach me through my first trip out.

After I got past the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH I am going to fall in! feeling, I was actually OK. I did NOT fall in, and I did in fact, by the time I was returning to the club, manage full slide full strokes. I am not too hot on looking around, and really not that good at steering, but hey, I DID IT!! I rowed the first 1000m with just arms, sitting at the back of the slide trying to learn how to keep balanced. There is a masters regatta next week, and Dave thinks I should enter as a novice single, even if I just use arms, he thinks I am strong enough!!

I think its a case of getting the first singles race over with. I always look at them all with awe and wonder, it is really exactly as hard as it looks, I am telling you! You do not have a great long boat and three other people helping to keep you balanced!! It certainly shows up your faults like a beacon!!

I will say one thing, I am seriously glad I didn’t row a single in the masters games in Dunedin, it would have seriously put me off it for ever I think!

Fingers crossed for a nice fine day and flat water next weekend, and you never know, I might give it a go.

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