Should we be judged by our past?


I have to say I do not agree with this daily quote from Sound Eagle at all.

If we are judging people by their past, we are in effect, living in the past. Should we be judged based on mistakes we might have made? Wrong paths that we chose? Should we not actually be judged by the changes we have made, the life we we are living now, and he future we have planned?

Life is finite, every day we have the opportunity to change it and adapt our path.

3 Comments on “Should we be judged by our past?

  1. Hi Melanie,

    It is true that many quotes can be problematic, incongruent and/or biased. Your observations here are valid and thoughtful, and SoundEagle is delighted that you have responded with pointed questions. You are cordially invited to visit to see further discussions on the issues presented by quotes. There are plenty of comments left on that page, and you are welcome to contribute.

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