Live, don’t just exist


‘The proper function of man is to live, not to exist’. A great daily quote for 2/3/14 from SoundEagle that I simply had to comment on.

Since I lost my mum last year I have taken a completely different approach to life. I used to be really focused on my career in teaching and it’s progression, giving my utmost best as a triathlete, and representing my country, most other things came second to those two.

Life was snatched from her grasp. It made me realise I needed to look at things completely differently.

Life is for living,
One only get one,
You can’t take it with you
Make sure you leave none.

The world is your oyster,
It’s way larger than you.
Get out and see it,
Enjoy the incredible view.

Seize the moment,
And savour them all.
For they will whizz by,
Soon it will be fall.

Jump the roller coaster,
Travel far and wide.
Slide into your grave
Screaming ‘wow, what a ride’.

Melanie Ryding

One Comment on “Live, don’t just exist

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