Daily post: OBJECT


POLLOCK PINES, California, USA. What has that got to do with this object? Let me explain.

We were on our honeymoon, On a road trip. We had decided to set off from San Francisco and see where the road took us. Driving up the highway, the next major place we intended to stop at seemed further than we thought, so we took a totally random decision and ended up in Pollock Pines. It was a tiny place, just two roads a few shops and a tavern. What else do you do, when there’s nothing else to do in the middle of nowhere? Find a motel and go to the bar!

In The bar, they were doing some type of quiz. There was a discussion going on about How far the people that were there might have travelled. They were all comparing the distances between towns they had all set off from, when one tourist from elsewhere in America piped up. It was decided that they were the winner. That is when we chose to share our origins: England!

They decided that perhaps we had won. We got chatting to the locals, one even let me sit on his Harley!

Many years later, in Reno, Nevada, on a different holiday, we ended up sat in a restaurant on the next table to an ex owner of that tavern in Pollock Pines.

How random, and what a small world!

The OBJECT was bought in a local craft shop and is a bowl made of hollowed out wood.

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