Bobbing along on the river…


After the awful building shattering winds of Monday, millpond Wednesday worked out beautifully!

I went rowing straight from work and this morning it was cold, but this afternoon was roasting so I was dressed all wrong! Four of us in one quad, three in another and off we went up the river. We weren’t taking anything seriously today, the woman in the stroke seat (at the back, sets the stroke pace, and steers with one foot) didn’t want to be sat there but the blokes gave her no choice!

The water was beautiful and hence the river was well used today. Plenty of juniors and some kayaks too. We went a good distance up the river before turning to do the return leg, I wanted them to go a bit further!

There was some banter between us and the other boat, we decided we weren’t going to let them take the lead home and set off ahead. We did some 20 on 20 off sets and at times almost crashed we were so focused on the speed at the expense of steering! The speed boat went by- returning up river to coach one remaining single. He passed us nice and slow, then tanked up the gas and swerved closed past the other quad just for a laugh! One guy ‘caught a crab’ he was too busy laughing at the scene!

The guy in bough called for ’20 on’ just as we were coming under the bridge signifying we only had about 1km to go to get back. ‘And five more’ he shouts, ‘and 5 more…’ We thought he was taking the michael back there till we saw the 6 kayakers come into view and immediately understood he had turned this into a ‘domination’!

A great laugh on the river, how exercise is meant to be! The training element was almost incidental!

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