A sandwich kinda day

20140225-210912.jpg it’s been a funny day. I set out with great hopes, but it didn’t all pan out as I expected.

I started the day with a swim. Before breakfast, and on the way to work, I went to the pool. I did 2000m, straight off, to see firstly whether I still had the distance in my arms, and secondly, how long it would take me. It was actually surprisingly effortless, and took about the same time I expected it to take. Pretty pleased.

I rewarded myself with a scrambled egg and bacon ciabatta at the pool cafe before heading off to work.

It’s fair to say that not all days at work, turn out as you hope them to, and today was quite a tough one. By the time I got home I was spent an didn’t feel at all like going to the velodrome at all. OH persuaded me, reminding me that it usually makes me feel much better.

I stuck on my new ‘team First coffee shop’ bike kit and went.

20140225-210930.jpg I am loving the motivational Visual aids on the legs!

I always set out to just mooch and it never turns out like that. Today was no exception. Today the group was some same and some different, and seemed to be a best little group. I’m not good at judging pace so I set of on my own. They caught me after a wee while and passed me, slowly. I was surprised, so I hung onto the rear wheel and joined them. It was an OK pace and gave me a wee rest after my personal time trial effort that I had started with!

The roll around continued and eventually it was my turn at the front. It was good to have a group that were a decent pace, gave me time to practice group riding. After I peeled off I decided to jump off the back and continue my own pace.

After a while they caught me again and hung onto my wheel. The roll around continued in formation as before, the front rider peeling off up the track when they had enough. When it came back round to my turn again, this time I decided to try the ‘off the front’ effort I have tried before. Although I managed to break up the group, one rider stayed with me this time!

Great session in the end, some decent riding with a good bunch, (I was the only lass too!).

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