If all else fails – TURBO!

my view on route to the rowing club
My view on route to the rowing club

Yep, this was THIRD choice on what was a day I almost gave up on! 

I decided top continue on my ‘if it aint raining it aint training’ theme and not let the rain put me off going to rowing this morning. 

A thunder storm had passed through earlier, but it would be ok, I thought. When I got to the club house there were no other women, and several masters men standing in the boar house looking out at the rain. What are we waiting for? I asked. 

View of the river from the boat house
They looked at me incredulously! You aren’t made of sherbert I stated, why aren’t we going? They laughed! This was the view out from the boat house. 

Its the lightening I’m not too keen on, one stated! Aha, ok, I’ll let him have that one then!! So we all went home again, as all the ergs were already taken by the juniors. 

It’s ok, I will go swimming instead I thought, repacked the bag and headed off. I knew immediately on arrival something was up and this was not going to be taking place either. The car park was full to brimming and cars were parked in the adjacent field as well. I left the bag in the car and went to see what was happening. South Island swimming championships, pool closed, $2 admittance to watch. Dammit! Away I went again. 

IMG_9469[1]Oh well, third time lucky, so I sat on the turbo and practised sprint speed legs instead, as the rain set in once more. 

Perseverance? Nope, Determination to at least do SOMETHING exercise related today, after my rest day yesterday!! 

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