Mooching on the track… Or not!

IP finishI intended to whizz by the track for a steady roll around today, it’s been a few weeks so I would not be expecting much.

I rocked up a wee but late, straight from work. There were a few that I recognised already rolling round including a guy who usually chases my wheel whatever I seem to get up to!

I decided to stick to the plan, and roll around steady, setting off on my own.

I was minding my own business when I could swear I could hear a wheel. I looked over my shoulder – cheeky so and so’s were hiding on my wheel! I peeled off after a further four laps and slotted in behind. Te roll around continued till they broke up, a see stopped for a rest, leaving the guy who usually chases me, sitting on my back wheel. We worked together for a few laps till he too stopped. I began catching and having to lap those cyclists that were now scattered around the track.

This wasn’t in the plan! Still, I rolled on, simply easing off a bit when I needed a rest. The group never did getback together leaving me rolling alone and lapping as and when.

Good to know the tyres behaved, after their trip to an outdoor track (I cleaned them with meths beforehand). Despite being high up the banking and rolling over the new ‘SIT ZERO FEES’ decals, I felt solid and was still able to op some from above the blue line.

Perhaps I didn’t lose a as much as I imagined.

Spinny legs feeling OK too!

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