Long ride Sunday: the secret Hideaway discovery!

20140216-201051.jpg Wall to wall sunshine and 20+ degrees, it was the perfect weather for a long Sunday ride.

It is hard to plan routes here, because not all the roads are sealed roads, and there are no maps that show you which is which. The only way to tackle it is check on google earth and then go for it, along with several contingency plans!

I planned my route today, to start off down a road I knew was sealed, then take a gamble from there. The maps showed it seemed to have road markings right the way through, so I decided to chance it.

Its beautiful riding the back lanes here in Southland, it is just you and the road, for mile after mile, with only the very occasional car. I was having a great time, spinning along and taking in the scenery, a great way to also explore the back country lanes that you wouldn’t normally go down.

It all seemed quite ordinary farmland, for mile after mile, till I passed this sign, just before Lochiel.

hideawayIt had a ‘main entrance and a ‘private entrance’. I didn’t stop, but glanced and the sign on the other side of the road as I passed, gardens and gift shop. I made a mental note to check it out when I got home.

Well, it’s funny what you discover while cycling down country lanes!

It has taken Joanne and Wayne McCallum 28 years to turn what was once bare land into a garden paradise. The McCallum home and their business: The Hideaway 201with a gift shop, an exquisite marquee and Province, a licensed restaurant, are set amidst lovingly created and magnificent gardens near Winton making this the function venue with a difference.


The Hideaway 201 offers a unique, versatile and tranquil location for weddings, corporate events, garden parties or other special occasions. The meticulously groomed gardens feature ponds, waterfalls, stone walls and archways, all surrounded by mature trees making this the perfect location for any event. It is every gardeners dream to wonder through 10 acres of stunningly designed gardens enjoying this secluded setting and breath-taking features.


Well, there’s another wonderful looking restaurant to check out, a HUGE garden to walk around and a gift shop to explore the next time we have a sunny weekend!

Wonder what I will find next….!


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