One day to go: NZ masters games!


I feel strangely calm. I think it’s because I have absolutely no pressure on myself, none at all. I go into the New Zealand Masters Games with only one expectation: to enjoy it!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I compete on the track, which will be different again, as it’s an outdoor concrete track, so rain does stop play (because I asked to check!). I am doing the individual events, 500m sprint, 2000m IP and 500m TT. I really don’t mind what the result is, it’s all experience building. It’s a shame that the sprint is at 3:30pm one day and the others at 3:30pm on a different day! Lots of hanging about!

Then it’s back to work I go and return for the regattas on Saturday. I believe I am in the double, mixed double, quad, 4’s and 8’s! Whoah! We have been practicing the various skills at the rowing club and they have been teaching me to row, i.e. one oar rather than two sculls. It’s very different and I am not planning to repeat my hit a crab disaster from the southland champs!

Obviously I will do my best, that’s all you can ask of myself. What a fantastic opportunity to be a part of and something I hadn’t at all expected this time last year!

Wish me luck!

One Comment on “One day to go: NZ masters games!

  1. Just like you said…enjoy. I arrived home on Wednesday and on Thursday rang a band member to explain that, because I had no instrument, I wouldn’t go to band practice. I was surprised to hear that the part i have been waiting for my instrument had arrived that day so I went to band. Not having blown a note for over as month I thought that I would be better not playing in the contest today, Sunday. The practice went exceptionally well so I decided that I would go for it. We came second after a very good performance. How pleased am I. This is a result of taking your advice.

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