Practicing failure helps success


We all have the usual thoughts about races, what if …. I bet you have loads of your own. But what do you do about them? Push them to the back of your mind? Or do you confront them?

You will think the same in races if you have it in your mind already, so why not practice them? What do I mean?

Tonight we went out as a women’s four, we are practicing for the Southland champs regatta on Saturday. The person leading / coaching was seated at no 4. She asked what did we want to practice? The person sat in front of me in no 3 said she wanted to practice getting it wrong.

What she meant is we shoddy just practice race starts, sprint efforts, we should simulate and continue regardless. She said (rightly so) you can’t stop and correct things that you stuff up in a race, you need to practice what to do when things don’t go to plan. So we practiced the first 1/2 of te 2000m race a few times, regardless of stuff ups. The coach would call if something was going wrong but we had to work out and correct it without stopping first.

Fair point, I thought.

I hadn’t thought about it like this until now. I mentally prepared but didn’t physically simulate errors and then correct them. What a great idea!

So, those doubts you have, rehearse them, physically as well as mentally, then you will overcome and thus, succeed.

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