Track fun and slippage!

DSC_0039There is never a dull moment when you are cycling on a velodrome in an open roll around session. You never know who will turn up from one week to the next. There are the usuals, but there are always new faces. 

A few weeks ago it was suggested to me to try cycling round on the blue line if the train is too slow, so I tried that tonight. I will get to that in a moment though. 

This evening I heard a guy being briefed before I started, noted him as a newbie, don’t follow his wheel. Off I went. I was on my own for a while up on the blue line eventually I was caught by the group and I dropped in behind. But they were going a bit slow. So I decided to ride the blue line, and see if I could stay there and get past them all. Much to my amazement I did! I carried on at the same pace and another woman followed my wheel, we had a break away. This is a bit early, I thought! I peeled off and gave her her turn, and she while at the front, caught the back of the train again. This time I decided to rest in the group, and wait for my turn at the front. 

When it came to my turn, I bolted, and tried for another break. BUT, the group were wise to it now, and they stayed on my wheel. 

I decided to have a pit stop. When I rejoined a circulated above the blue line till they came back round, but got tired, hit the line too slow and slipped. I decided to drop back down onto the racing line. The train came past, but not all that fast. a gap had opened, and I decided to maximise on this and close it with my bike, preventing the person who had peeled off from getting into the gap. Hahaha I thought, well that is what happens in races anyway!! 

All in all, I had fun, learned a few things, practiced a few group scenarios and continue to work on my leg speed.

Small steps forward, and fun at the same time.

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