Obesity is worse than they feared

obesityA report in the Daily Mail today states that 

half of Britons will be obese by 2050 are an ‘underestimate’, a shock report warns today.

The obesity epidemic could be far worse than predicted because experts did not factor in how much fatter we are getting as we age, it says.

Shocking statistics. But why?

I have seen a massive change in lifestyles since I moved to New Zealand. IN the UK, I had plenty to do to amuse me, sport wise, but here in New Zealand its a whole new ball game. 

Some might say its like going back a few decades, but personally I think that is a benefit. We have chosen not to get SKY TV when we moved here, we just have free view. To be honest, it isn’t all that exciting, and I don’t miss the TV that much anyway, as there is plenty of other things for me to do. 

They make walking / tramping really easy and accessible. It sounds really droll, but it is actually quite challenging. Take the famous Kelpar track for example. That isn’t for light weights! It isn’t all that far from here either. I have a 50m pool, a velodrome, many many rivers and a lot of coastline for you to swim, cycling (mountainbike and road) rowing, so many sports accessible that I cannot list them all here. New Zealand promotes masters participation much more than the UK, and there are national level masters competitions in many many sports. It gives you something to aim for no matter what age you are. 

Why is the UK getting fat? In my opinion, they do not do enough to promote a healthy sport filled lifestyle and make couch entertainment way too accessible. But that’s just me. 

I would welcome your thoughts too.

One Comment on “Obesity is worse than they feared

  1. I think that there are a number of reasons. I don’t think that sport and healthy nutrition is promoted enough from school upwards. That’s key. It is much more the social norm to view life through a television, go down the pub, go out for a calorie-laden meal, than go out and explore the countryside, participate in sport and eat a healthy diet. I don’t think the weather helps when it’s inclement and unpredictable as people seem reluctant to venture out. It needs a major shift in social culture which I doubt will happen anytime soon. People in the main seem quite nuclear, and value their possessions much more than their health and well-being. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard people say ‘I’m too busy to go to the gym/workout’ when they find time to sit and watch tv. People need to take responsibility.

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