How to take inspiration from around you!

quotesnailWhat do I mean? Let me explain.

I was in the pool this morning. I was swimming in a lane on my own, minding my own business. I was almost at the end of my set, the final 400m. A lady sat down on the poolside getting into my lane. I had completed 4 lengths before she actually got in. Just as I was turning for lap 5 she started swimming, directly in front of me.

Normally I don’t let others influence me and this was meant to be a warm down lap. However, she wasn’t swimming as fast as me, so that was the turning point.

I used her as a marker and set off swimming with much more purpose. By half was I had overtaken her. By the end of my 400m set I was a lap and a half in front. The 400m set was the fastest of all the sets I had swum that morning.

Stay focussed on the job, but when events occur around you that you can use as motivation, take strength from that and use it to help you reach new heights!



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