Velodrome cycling: trying to be the queen of spin!

cycling-cartoon-01First visit to the ‘drome for a few weeks due to Christmas. Expected it to hurt, but hey, doesn’t all exercise?!

You just never know what type of people come to the weekday sessions, beginners, intermediate or accomplished cyclist, or often all of the above. Today was a good mix of people, slow to medium. I rolled around kinda doing my own thing at first, then decided I was lonely and wanted some people to ‘play with’ so I flicked up above the blue line and waited for the peloton to come round. Only around 8 cyclists on the track today, and not all in the bunch.

As the back end of the group went by I flicked back down and onto the back persons wheel. We rolled around for a while like this. Then the group split up as some stopped for a rest, etc. I lost the group avoiding a collsion with an unpredictable cyclist, and ended in a group of two, one person in front of me. He decided to speed up a little to catch a group in front of him. I caught up to and stayed on his wheel shouting I was there. He immediately gave me the front. hey thanks! We rolled around some more, till we caught the group. We COULD have carried on past but instead he slowed down. I decided to sit in there for a while.

I need to get used to groups of cyclists so persevered with the group. I decided that I would put a cat among the pigeons when it came to my turn on the front, I was going to jump and try and make a break.

I waited patiently, till it was my turn, and I set off like a gun had been fired. I kept the sprint up for two laps before my two week rest got the better of me and I lost momentum. I peeled up above the blue, and no one was there, I had pulled a decent gap, and the group was now only three. excellent, it worked I thought! I had planned a 4 lap break but perhaps another time.

I tried the same routine again the next time I was on the front: no luck this time, they got wise the last time! I couldn’t get a break this time round.

I now face decision time. I am probably one of the stronger riders in the group that come to that session but there is still a huge gap between me and the Southland masters team cyclists. I have been given two suggestions.

  • continue to practice the ‘jump’ and create the break.
  • Ride above the blue and see if I can still stay ahead of the peloton.

I don’t feel ready for the full club racing but at least I can see some improvements at last. I am now able to create an injection of speed, before I was a one speed cyclist! My cadence work is beginning to pay off.

Small steps are the best ones 🙂


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