Early morning Bike ride: a mini mission!


I am currently having a battle with myself, all because of a little throw away comment a while back. OH and I went for a wee bike ride. shortish route, tends to be into and against the wind. Leisurely pace, took an hour. The next time we went, it was only I. OH decided he didn’t want to ride with me any more! He said ‘ah, I expect it will only take you 45 mins this time’. Right!! off I went.

I tried hard, stiff winds, it took 50 minutes. Darn it. The next time I tried, 47 minutes. Close but no cigar. HAHAHA he said.

Today Off I set again. Seemed to be a good day for it, but here in Invers it always seems to be windy at some point! today’s effort? 46 minutes!! Darn it some more!! I WILL get it to 45 minutes!! Today’s comment when I exclaimed the time in disgust? ‘great, you’re getting it back aren’t you?’.

Yeah, I suppose I am. I have always been great at self motivation, specially where numbers are concerned!

Use your OWN achievements as motivation. You can affect YOU, you cannot affect change in anyone else.

One Comment on “Early morning Bike ride: a mini mission!

  1. That is exactly correct. The only thing you have control of is what you do. However what you do can impact those around you, because that watch what you do! Great Blog!

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