Walking is for girls… or is it?!

IMG_8150[1]We decided to go for a walk the other day. no worries, let me just get my bike training in for today before we go. Walking doesn’t really count, does it? Oh how wrong I was! 

I really wish I had taken the garmin to measure gradient. It seriously felt like it constantly went up.

The nice tame path you see above was only like that for around 5 minutes. The other 3 hours was more like this: 

IMG_8142[1]Looks fine I thought, galloping up the first few flights, till I realised this was not a sprint triathlon, and after only 5 minutes was sitting sweating buckets! (It is also summer don’t forget!) 

My cycling legs really began to feel it, after around 90 minutes of walking up tracks like this. The fern tree trunks were great though, way better traction than wood! 

Then I realised, this tramping malarkey that they like to do here in New Zealand isn’t just a stroll, its a serious hike, requiring proper stamina, preparation and fitness. What a great alternative way to stay fit while seeing this beautiful country! 

There are many many tramping tracks here in South Island, ways to get to see inaccessible parts of the Western Mountain ranges. These are hard core trails, needing serious camping gear, trails that take days to complete and have huts along the way that you can book, and stay in, which you might share with up to 40 other trampers. Some even require a boat trip here and there too. 

Why stick to cycling, I thought? Why not build other things into my fitness regime that I had not particularly thought about? the tramping season runs through to April, (When the snow starts to fall and it becomes to treacherous) so plenty of time to get some plans into action! 



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