If you can’t say anything nice…


You find inspiration in the strangest of places sometimes. I had popped into the garage to ask about tow bar fitting when I noticed, over the road, a huge Salvation Army store. I do love to hunt for a bargain so I dragged OH inside. I got drawn into the huge book section, I love books. I have a kindle, it’s great, but there’s nothing like flicking the pages of a book, specially an old well read book.

One jumped off the shelf at me, called ‘The rules of life’. It’s a book with some old fashioned ideas, but it also has some great quotes and titles that really make you think, and this is one.

It is easy to moan, complain criticise and pick holes in yourself and in others, but it is much harder to find something nice to say. Take the kiwi greeting for example.

‘how are you? / How’s it going?

UK answer: not bad thanks.

Kiwi answer: good thanks.

Subtle but different slant on the same thing. No matter how dark your day is how bad things are, how terrible that training session was, there is always something positive that you can take from / learn from it. Your job is to find that good, highlight it and talk about it. Positive and confident = happy.

If you cannot find a positive, you aren’t looking hard enough in the right direction.

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