Moment of clarity – thanks Mum


I miss running. I used to curse it when I was training full on triathlon, it was always so hard. Now, I can safely say I miss running.

I know you can reinvent yourself, you’ve done it before

The reinvention has been harder than I thought. I have always been a mix and match athlete liking the variety that come with triathlon training. I simply can’t get use to cycle cycle cycle.

Listen to me. Can’t. What a self limiting belief that is. What I meant to say was I am struggling to adjust to the idea. It is taking longer than I thought.

The other thing I didn’t consider till recently, is the cardio bonuses that come with running. I have been focussing on track sprinting and forgetting the essential cardio level training too. I haven’t had to think for so long, I had a coach for many years to sort it all out for me. I need to take my own advice I think.

It’s funny. You often notice the likes of car mechanics, brilliant with everyone else’s but drive a banger? That won’t be me.

I still have the promise I made to Mum to uphold. This is simply a small hiccup.

What has this year taught me?

  • The path you expect is never going to be the one you are dealt. That’s ok as long as you accept, adapt and move forwards.
  • I need to adapt my approach to make cycling, or in fact some other sport, the therapeutic mind release that running once was for me

What has this year reminded me?

  • You CAN do anything you set your mind to, but don’t set the ball so high that you lose sight of the path.
  • look at the things I have achieved so far? This story ain’t over, there’s plenty of years in me yet!
  • I have a lot of knowledge, positivity and enthusiasm for sport that I can share with others.

This last one has inspired me to start a sports coaching branch to Ryding2health. Have a look at the web site, (click home at the top of the page) and let me know what you think.

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