Sufferfest Violator; starting how I mean to go on!


I decided to start today as I hope to go on: getting my training back on track with an early morning turbo. I have had the same few sufferfest videos for a good number of years so I treated me to a new one: violator.

It has a punishing 64 sprints over 1 hour 8 minutes so I decided to use that as a training session for sprint leg speed.

I set the turbo on an average gear and pedalled slow for recovery and fast for sprint.

I have been working on leg speed in this way on my own anyway so this would be an interesting exercise. I managed to get the sprint leg speed to 145rpm which I was really really pleased with. As I fatigued, later on in the session my leg speed suffered also. Now I was averaging 115rpm. It felt slow. Only a few weeks ago I was gasping for air trying to keep 115rpm up. I am well chuffed.

20131226-220700.jpgViolator is well worth the money if you are trying to build sprint speed and push yourself to the max. You set off thinking ‘this is easy’ and by rep no 40/64 you are wondering when it will all end so you can lie down!

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