Riding in the wind: staying alive!


I went for a ride today, beautiful sunny day. however, I now have some essential tips to staying alive in 30mph+ winds:

  • Don’t use a TT bike or deep rimmed wheels (I didn’t, by the way)
  • Don’t let anything distract you, you will need 100% focus to stay upright and pointing the right way!
  • Beware, you might find you get a complete body workout, specially forearms and grip strength!
  • In 30mph winds a good average 22-24mph can become 11mph
  • a workout is still a workout, and what you will learn is sideways and headon wind bike handling and become quite good.

Sufficed to say it was a tough ride, despite the lovely sunshine and empty roads.


Still, I was only 5 minutes slower than my initial target. I think the sprint track riding and high cadence turbo work has done me some good. I found the cadence I was comfortable at was higher, I could actually speed up in a smaller gear and sometimes lost speed if I went up one. (I was always a big gear grinder!)

Never mind the horrendous wind, always look for a positive!

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