Break from the norm: collecting details


Todays blog is a break from the norm, nothing at all about health, fitness or exercise. instead its about the small details that leapt out in my otherwise ordinary day. Courtesy of the daily post weekly writing challenge.

The town in which I live is a town that does sleep, it’s not packed with national chain stores, it’s high street has a range of local boutiques that open Monday- Friday 9-5pm. Often I can’t get to them because I am working.

I got lost in time in one shop that I wandered into – called Hubbards emporium. It goes back and back and is packed to the rafters with much backs, china, old furniture and a whole load of other things. You could spend some hours wandering in there, it reminded me of the antiques road show!

20131218-000418.jpg Right inside the door was a cabinet of old money. The old notes, on first appearance looked American, but the currency said POUNDS which surprised me. I wonder how it came to change to dollars? I wonder how the POUND got its name?

Then I noticed some more, clearly a bit later in date. These ones took me back to my childhood and look ever so much like old British money.


I wandered further through the shop and saw this frame. The more I looked the more I noticed British landmarks.

20131218-000750.jpg $20 for something that I took for granted when I lived in the UK.

Then in the next shop I went in, while I was looking for a Christmas gift, I saw this:


It really made me think. We always want happiness in our lives. If we get too much sadness we start to lower our standards for happiness acceptance therefore life will spiral. If there are even peaks and troughs, we are able to appreciate happiness.

A wonderful quote which sums up my new outlook on life:

There is no tomorrow, only today

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