Expect MORE of the unexpected


I thought enough unexpected things had happened to me, till a very odd conversation at the rowing club today.

It’s fair to say my focus has not really been on rowing, it is more of a leisure activity, and a mini challenge to master the technique! Nevertheless, I was at the rowing club this morning for the usual weekend masters session. Tough one today, a sweat on and butt ache / leg ache by half way through! We were doing sprint efforts to for the second half, and trying to keep up with an 80% effort at 25-30 strokes per minute is no easy feat!

Sitting eating fresh Cherries while we had a meeting afterwards, coach made a list of who was going to the masters games in Dunedin. I had already planned to do this so that was fine. At the same time I was asked was I going to Ballerat. It wasn’t till some time later that I discovered that they were referring to the World Rowing Masters. Eeeeek! They were asking me was I going to the world masters as a rower!? Well I didn’t expect that!

Just goes to show, focus your mind too much and you might in fact miss other open doors on the horizon. I almost did!

Now, can I actually afford it!?

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