Crisis, no cardio!


I just realised this week why I am moaning on about feeling out of shape, etc. apart from my hateful cycling legs, I have another problem: due to work pressures, and all sort of other things, I have completely omitted the fact that I have no cardio level exercise in my week! oops!

Why is it important? Because it keeps body fat at bay that’s why! I have been focussing on the track, on learning the technique for rowing, that it forgot I was not running any more and hadn’t been doing any cycling other than sprinting.

So I decided to go to the pool this morning. Normally I would just go for a jog, but I can’t any more, and I am really missing the positive effects that running had been giving me, that’s for sure. Sadly, I was expecting 50m fun but only got 25. Darn! Never mind, 5x 400m sets started my Saturday. Gosh that used to be a normal set and then some, but it’s been so long since I swam my arms certainly knew about it.

It wasn’t till I got out that I realised what I had done: I had just spent an hour swimming JUST BECAUSE, not because I had a race, was training for something, but JUST BECAUSE.

I hadn’t experienced that before. Then I thought. It wasn’t just because, it was to keep ME feeling good about myself. All my goals for so long have been external it seems weird having a ME goal.

I had bacon and egg breakfast (minus the bread and the sauce!) while pondering that one.

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