One day to go till race day!


A beautiful day as I strolled through town to the bike shop – only one day to go!

I have no idea how you prepare for an extra ordinarily short race at a murderous pace. Do you taper? Rest? Continue as normal? Who knows! I decided to start this morning with an upper body TRX workout. One advantage of this new house is plenty of space for personal torture equipment! I left the legs out on purpose – I don’t want to tire myself out! Hahaha

I just had a look at the competitor lists. There’s 6 in my age category (Masters 1) unfortunately one of those is local girl and world champion Erin Criglington. For two of my three races, there are only 5 of us. For the individual pursuit I have to beat 1 other person and be top 4 to get into the final. Tall order for a new girl but, as in training, all I can do is my best.

Tomorrow evening is the 500m Time Trial finals for me. The dreaded 2000m 8 lap IP is Sunday.

Oh well, you gotta start somewhere!

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