track training fun and games: 3 days till race day!

Today was my last session before the big day, my first official velodrome race. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and I don’t care. If i get through unscathed and not disqualified I will consider it mission accomplished. 

I have one race on Friday evening, and two on Sunday. In between we have national crate day, which of course, I will not be taking part in. I also have a works do on Saturday too. What a party pooper I will be! I turned down a regatta and a stop over in Clyde, apparently a beautiful part of Southland, in order to compete. It better be fun! I feel like I should have rollers or something. 

This evening I discovered that I have moved into a new plane. in this particular session at the moment, I am no longer the slow beginner, I was able, for the second week in a row, to lap the bunch. This time I rode the blue line to see if I could get ahead of the group, while remaining up there where it is so much further. I in fact could get ahead!! I was pretty chuffed. Once again, my brash nature created some break aways, I dived into gaps tha opened up, I upped the pace and split the group, but despite my best efforts at a sprint finish, a rider managed to remain tucked in behind me throughout. 

I aim to have fun. I don’t want training and racing to be a chore, like it was at times when I was on team GB. I have to say, tonight I had great fun. When I have more confidence (and speed) track racing could, I can see, be quite entertaining! 

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